Amazon and Blink lack of vision

It really bothers me when I complain about something but I usually only complain (especially about companies) that should know better. This isn't a complaint being made to a small company who may not be able to afford talent - this is about a multi million dollar profitable company you all already know about.

So I have invested in a lot of Amazon / Blink related devices. I have more than 5 echo devices (from echo dots to echo shows) not to mention amazon tables, 5 fire sticks AND the blink mini cameras (a whopping 12 of them) AND I pay the yearly subscription to record the camera footage.

ISSUE 1: Even with the 100 USD subscription - I can't watch a camera on my fire stick for more than a few minutes at a time (I think its like literally 1 minute and then it closes off)

ISSUE 2: Even with the 100 USD subscription - I can't watch more than one camera at the same time on my firestick

ISSUE 3: THIS COMPANY LACKS VISION AND INTELLIGENCE. The firestick has a voice remote. When I'm viewing a camera I cannot use the voice remote to speak (the cameras has speakers and you can speak to whomever you're watching via the app) BUT NOT THE FIRESTICK. It's like they don't even use their own devices to figure these ideas out.

It's really frustrating - enough for me to vent via my blog. I just want technology that works and makes my life better / easier / convenient / purposeful!

ISSUE 4: Support is just support, they have no power to fix this stuff and I guess their developers aren't as good as I thought they were.