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Msc. Engineering Management, Bsc. Computer Science

EXPERTISE: Windows, Linux, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Virtualmin, VirtualBox, Wordpress, Drupal, MySQL, Postgresql, HTML, Javascript, CSS, NodeJS, PHP, JAVA, Perl, VB, SQL, BASH, Leaflet, Mapbox, Geoserver, QGIS and more...

My latest thoughts

Wow, WordPress mobile admin is actually admin friendly!

So I stopped writing blog posts on Drupal because I (as have most other people) browse the internet via our phones more now than we used to before. So writing a post via Drupal interface while on mobile was just not fun. Lately though, I javelin converted back to WordPress and I just realized how […]

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Windows 11 - I love it!

So I waited a bit before testing it out. Finally got my Ryzen 5600G in and NVMe drive and decided to fearfully give it a go as my main OS and boy was I pleasantly surprised. The things that stand out to me are the new windows organizational management features and it's like they literally […]

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Some clown decided to name it a daemon (demon)

So I always wondered how to pronoun daemon (a background process in linux). Low and behold I googled the term to realize that some guy who clearly didn't have enough entertainment in his life thought it was nice to name this after the word demon. Like seriously - what a way to force people to […]

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I failed today...

Tonight, after a failure I had migrating a database, I was reminded of an incident that occurred in one of my past jobs. I had recently awarded a new job with about 33% more pay. It was really nice to be able to receive a better salary and I hoped that the work environment would […]

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Amazon and Blink lack of vision

It really bothers me when I complain about something but I usually only complain (especially about companies) that should know better. This isn't a complaint being made to a small company who may not be able to afford talent - this is about a multi million dollar profitable company you all already know about. So […]

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Working efficiently with large datasets (over 1 billion records)
GIS / GPS Map coding (Mapbox, Leaflet)
Realtime web applications
Progressive Web Apps
NodeJS all-in-one applications
Wordpress development
Drupal 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Development
Custom PHP applications