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Over 10 years professional experience

Programmer, Youtuber, Public Speaker, Musician

Msc. Engineering Management, Bsc. Computer Science

Hi, I'm Risharde, a Full Stack Developer with over 10 years experience building powerful websites and applications.

If you're interested in a website for your business - I can build you a website that keeps you in power and control. If you want me to maintain it, you can give me that power and I'll do it for you - the choice is yours!

Hiring me to build your Wordpress website comes with the added benefit of receiving popular plugins like Oxygen Builder and BitPro Integrations free of charge for your website!

Schedule a call with me via Zoom, Whatsapp or directly so we can get you up and running!


Remote Control for Android
Actually 2 applications! A native Android application that automatically configures ports on the network router and posts the details to the RCLOUDSYSTEMS servers. The second application is a Windows application that provides a list of Android devices you can remote control while you're in Windows.
Monthly Money Tracker for Android
An offline capable monthly money tracker that you can use to record your expenses and earnings for the month.

It can also calculate your monthly taxes and deduct it from your monthly salary - which gives you a snapshot of how much money you can spend for the month based on your salary!

History section allows you to view your previous monthly spending.

Data is never shared and remains on your phone. Privacy first app!

Make notes of your monthly transactions.
Purely Bible for Android
An offline capable Bible for Android. Simple design, easy to use and comes with simple english translation to make it easier to understand scripture. This was a remake which implements WebView JS technology that interacts with native Android functions. 

Notable features:
Built on Javascript + HTML5
Font size adjusters
Split screen translation view
Scrolling verses will also scroll the translation
KJV + 2 translations
Highlight chosen verses
Works offline
EXPERTISE: Windows, Linux, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Virtualmin, VirtualBox, Wordpress, Drupal, MySQL, Postgresql, HTML, Javascript, CSS, NodeJS, PHP, JAVA, Perl, VB, SQL, BASH, Leaflet, Mapbox, Geoserver, QGIS and more...

My latest thoughts

VirtualBox - Shrink VDI

Had I known that a product from Oracle would be so inefficient, I would probably have not used it (what tempted me to use the product was really the graphical user interface). With that being said, these VDIs seem to grow incredibly large even though the data inside of it can be only 25% of […]

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Wow, WordPress mobile admin is actually admin friendly!

So I stopped writing blog posts on Drupal because I (as have most other people) browse the internet via our phones more now than we used to before. So writing a post via Drupal interface while on mobile was just not fun. Lately though, I javelin converted back to WordPress and I just realized how […]

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Windows 11 - I love it!

So I waited a bit before testing it out. Finally got my Ryzen 5600G in and NVMe drive and decided to fearfully give it a go as my main OS and boy was I pleasantly surprised. The things that stand out to me are the new windows organizational management features and it's like they literally […]

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Some clown decided to name it a daemon (demon)

So I always wondered how to pronoun daemon (a background process in linux). Low and behold I googled the term to realize that some guy who clearly didn't have enough entertainment in his life thought it was nice to name this after the word demon. Like seriously - what a way to force people to […]

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I failed today...

Tonight, after a failure I had migrating a database, I was reminded of an incident that occurred in one of my past jobs. I had recently awarded a new job with about 33% more pay. It was really nice to be able to receive a better salary and I hoped that the work environment would […]

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Working efficiently with large datasets (over 1 billion records)
GIS / GPS Map coding (Mapbox, Leaflet)
Realtime web applications
Progressive Web Apps
NodeJS all-in-one applications
Wordpress development
Drupal 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Development
Custom PHP applications