Ariana Grande - Break up with your girlfriend
Why do you people keep giving this girl money for creating such rubbish?!
I've been struggling
I've been struggling. I've been struggling to stay happy in certain parts of my life. I'm not sure if you've ever experienced a situation where you've felt like you were wrong for feeling the way you feel but I've been torn between such a feeling and also feeling like I should be right. Work has been stressful and the second job has also been stressful. Work has been stressful have to solve a project while the second job makes me feel like I'm not a human being (I don't feel as though my thoughts make sense to some individuals) - I really thought I was over this when I stopped working for Trinidad and Tobago. It's really hard to try and fail but it hasn't been a surprise for me since most of my tries are failures but gosh would be it be good to succeed a little more than I have in life. I've found some calm when I think about my wife and my son - I've had dreams before them and they've been compatible with those dreams which is good but I don't feel like this for other things. Anyways, once I'm here posting, it's because I either have no one else to say it to or too ashamed to tell my loved ones. Ain't this fun...
The selfish thirst for more
It's been probably years that I've taken a break from writing and pouring out my heart on the internet. A lot of things have changed, I found love somehow between beauty and despair in different places. In beauty - I found my wife and in despair, I seeked God. Life isn't always perfect, at least not the journey I have experienced so far yet there have been times that have been perfect. Here is the bad part - selfishness. Maybe it's a man thing, I'm not so sure but I've always wondered why such good things are not enough. It all seems to be based on a great big swirly swish of illogic. Sometimes the drive is an emotional one, sometimes it's just change - and either way, it's not an excuse to want more and yet it's perhaps that thing I cannot find a name for that drives the worst of mankind or makes mankind progress to another level. This thirst has cause both the heartache and sorry of mankind but also sometimes the most amazing inventions. But still it's selfish, it's attrocious, it's dangerous and it can destroy the best things in life if it isn't controlled.
Black Friday 2021 Deals

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Extend your Windows 10 wireless (this isn't casting the same desktop) and it doesn't use Windows 10 miracast which is broken
As if Microsoft couldn't get any worse, the latest updates totally broke Wireless displays for me. Before I could connect to my TV using Miracast wirelessly to extend my desktop but no, having a perfect Windows 10 was too much for Microsoft to keep. Low and behold, after the Windows 10 updates - it failed. I even tried updating to the latest display drivers but no that didn't work. I even went back to my old drivers and nothing. It's as if Microsoft gets the utter pleasure of creating bugs and breaking features - you would think I would learn after years of software abuse but no and please don't tell me about Apple - that rubbish is never going to be a solution for me. After a few months without extended wireless desktop, I came across SpaceDesk and it's awesome as long as you're using a high bandwidth 5Ghz wireless network. Just Google it to find the latest download. Basically you install and run the 'server' part on your windows 10 computer. Now if you have an android or fire tv, you go to the play store or amazon store and download the corresponding spacedesk client. Once the server is running on your windows computer, open the android spacedesk version on your firetv/android box or even android tablet and it should detect the server (you'll see the server ip). Now just select the server and it should connect and presto, you've got a wireless screen up and running on your tv / tablet. I have a feeling this won't be free forever since it's just too awesome to not make money off of which I suspect the company will do eventually.
Windows 10 annoyance - clicking a taskbar app doesn't minimize it any longer
As if Google was the only company disappointing me, here comes Microsoft with the latest feature that was removed. Little did I know that this feature would intensely break my productivity and only noticed this recently. So basically as you know, all apps opened also show up on the taskbar at the bottom of every Windows screen. Before, when you had an app open full screen, you could click on the taskbar icon and that full screen app would minimize automatically. Well now, that doesn't work and I can't understand the reason why they would remove this. Especially with remove presentations for Zoom where you'd want to change the application being shared, now you have to go to the top and minimize the full screen app. So my hand is getting quite a work out - it's also slower. Basically my mouse moves from the bottom of the screen by the taskbar to the top to minimize and back to the taskbar. Insane!
First version of posts is up and running
What you're reading here, of course, is a post! And finally I've figured out how to add an admin interface to make it easier for me to post to the website! I also created endpoints so that the homepage can pull the latest posts from the database and display the titles on the main page. This took about a day of work since I had to create create and edit pages for the posts but I'm finally seeing the rewards. Gradually more sections will hopefully open up on the website as I go along! Thank you Laravel!!!
Welcome to the new version of the website!
It doesn't look like much but this is the new version of started about 10 years ago and I used Drupal at the time to develop the website. Drupal was fun back then but recently I've been struggling to understand why they are making it much more complicated to get things done with Drupal 9. As if that wasn't enough, Drupal 8 development was also extremely horrible compared to Drupal 7. Even core Drupal 8 took forever for them to develop only to jump to Drupal 9 which is even more horrible to get a simple module doing. I decided enough is enough - both from that development perspective and looking for something more flexible for individual pages and just cleaner to understand and develop in, as well as achieve better performance. After researching, I found that Laravel seemed interesting and well organized and so here we are. now runs on Laravel and I will continue to develop things in the background. Hopefully it will host some nice stuff!