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Wordpress vs Drupal

Many users on the internet take sides. The epic battle between Wordpress and Drupal is far from over. I will stand back in order to see this clearer and try to answer the question "Which is really better?". That answer however is extremely simple: None. This will have many internet users upset but in order to understand my position, one must view it in my eyes.

So really the question you should be asking is: "What does Risharde see". Let me bring this epic battle into context. Do you run Windows or Linux? Do you run Windows or MacOS? Is it becoming clearer yet? If it isn't, then for the most part, I will clarify by saying that these choices are your own personal choices. I should not and cannot decide from you. I can however tell you what I believe are the disadvantages and advantages as I see them.

Drupal and Wordpress

Common ground:
Both are open source

Drupal Advantages
- Content types are simple to create
- CCK is now built into the core of Drupal
- Views display CCK.
- Extremely modular
- Not just for blogging. Use it to do surveys, create a help desk or create a store... possibilities are endless.
- Large user community constantly working on the next version of Drupal
- Extremely organized contributed modules system.

Drupal Disadvantages
- Auto updates still not extremely simple
- Cannot update core automatically
- Learning curve at first is high and can leave you frustrated and unsatisfied.
- Slower than wordpress if used without caching.
- More load on your server
- Theming is a bit more complex than Wordpress

Wordpress Advantages
- Large support on the internet if you need help
- Simple to use and extremely easy for blogging purposes
- Faster especially with caching enabled.
- Less load on your server if proper coding is done
- Very easy theming with built in editor within the control panel.
- Choosing a different theme per page is extremely easy.
- Installing and updating plugins are a breeze

Wordpress Disadvantages
- More code required to do page tweaking
- Majority of really good plugins to do forms and display output of database data ARE NOT FREE!