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Women and Spanish Fly

Today I was having an adult conversation with someone who mentioned that 'Spanish Fly' is some sort of over the counter drug that you can get from pharmacies. He said there are stronger ones as well but this one only requires 2-3 drops in food or beverage which would essentially make a female aroused (what to have sex). He was not actually encouraging me to do this and the conversation only came up as we spoke about the young people in the society of Trinidad and Tobago. He said people could put it in KFC and give a female for free and that is how they could get drugged. He said its not the same as a date-rape drug in the sense that this one causes the female to want to have sex which is different from the date rape drug.

I began thinking to myself, how dangerous and stupid this product is. Firstly, I need to warn women that very rarely are anything in this life free, especially for women. You might wonder why I say this and I'll try my best to justify as long as you understand that I'm not chauvinistic nor do I have issues with women per say. The problem is that men are visually stimulated which means that you might already be handing him goods even though you don't realize it (just by simply having on "skimpy" clothes or showing too much skin for example). Coupled by the fact that I have met more people who drink alcohol versus those who haven't in Trinidad and Tobago, I'd say the chance of ingesting this substance or similar substances will be high due to how the "bar scene" can be where people offer women drinks for free and so forth. Even the liming scenarios raises a woman's chance of being caught. But of course, wisdom as you know is not our strong point here in Trinidad and Tobago.

I'm just warning women to be aware of the dangers. I know they'll still end up pregnant etc but at least I've done my duty.