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When work became work

Today, is my first day official home after resigning from my job. It's really astonishing to literally FEEL how much time I've gotten back by just not having to fight to beat the traffic to Port of Spain and well work itself. So what can I say from my experience without breaking contractual privacy / confidentiality agreements. Well, let's start where work became work. I know this sounds like I've made a typographical error but it isn't. One reason for pursuing my tertiary education in Computer Science was because I am truly passionate about Information Technology. Doing "I.T" has been turned from second into first nature for me, it is who I am. People in the work place really get confused when I haven't heard about a piece of technology that they know about - as if to say that someone in I.T MUST KNOW THE ENTIRE WORLD OF I.T.

So coming back to my topic about when work became work. I.T has always been the fun part for me, both in and out of work. In work though, I.T became "work" as opposed to a "job". You see, a job is technically work BUT some people actually LIKE their jobs. So a job is like 1 + 1 = 2 in math. The work I am referring to is when its no longer really a job that you like but really just perhaps a frustration. Getting down deeper into how I feel, I'd say that work was once fun and enjoyable but then circumstances changed (as it naturally does) but in an unnatural way. I had to deal with people who thought they knew I.T and further more, people who would say a few sentences and think that one could build the actually solution within the same time it took for them to say some sentences.

For example: Let there be a house, and there was a house....

Obviously, only God could do such miracles... or so I would imagine.
As I further stated, it became work when I had to really explain I.T to people who couldn't understand it but think that they do. Of course, I'm not saying I'm perfect but why hire someone (with experience and knowledge) and then don't take their advice. So essentially, work became literally work... the joy and fun of having a job was lost and thank God I have the resources to quit. I really do feel sorry for those of you out there who are not in a position to quite your miserable works - I really genuinely do feel sorry. Life isn't fair and the work world is worse than life, its hell.

Stay strong my friends.