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What you need to know about Funerals in Trinidad and Tobago

From my unwanted experience of my father's passing, I thought it would be the proper thing to give everyone an idea of the amount of work done during the days before the actual funeral. I have to tell you that I totally underestimated how much work needed to be done.

Basically, when one of your loved one dies, the first thing you have to get is the death certification which is generally done at the Registrar of the medical complex (if the person passed away at one). I am suspecting that if the person passes away at home, a DMO (District Medical Officer) would have to be contacted to do this on your behalf.

After you have done the registering of the death, 2 doctors must sign off on the document. This has to then be taken to the Governmental Births and Death building so that a digital death certificate can be produced. We were told to have at least 3 of these certificates which cost $25 TT each however, you will most likely need more so I would recommend about 6 since you'd also need to submit to work for their records plus to the country and courts where applicable. The first 3 are to be issued to the police, funeral home and priest performing the funeral.

Now the actual planning of the funeral is really something else so you better just use a funeral home. In south, there is Guides Funeral Home which offered us a really competitive package and they were larger than Belgroves. Both are on Coffee Street so you can go to do a comparison. Of course, this is the time you have to really have your mind strong because you're going to see coffins and so forth - which really brings on emotions. Of course, when you see the bill as well, you'll also realize that funerals are not cheap and that preparing is really a sobering thought.

Funeral Homes normally never have enough space as in our experience. Also, printing programmes might not be enough so planning is very important.

Those are all the things I can think off at this point in time, not sure how helpful it will be to others.