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Found this somewhere on Stackoverflow:

Colour commands
tput setab [1-7] # Set the background colour using ANSI escape
tput setaf [1-7] # Set the foreground colour using ANSI escape
Colours are as follows:

Num Colour #define RGB

0 black COLOR_BLACK 0,0,0
1 red COLOR_RED max,0,0
2 green COLOR_GREEN 0,max,0
3 yellow COLOR_YELLOW max,max,0
4 blue COLOR_BLUE 0,0,max
5 magenta COLOR_MAGENTA max,0,max
6 cyan COLOR_CYAN 0,max,max
7 white COLOR_WHITE max,max,max
There are also non-ANSI versions of the colour setting functions (setb instead of setab, and setf instead of setaf) which use different numbers, not given here.

Text mode commands
tput bold # Select bold mode
tput dim # Select dim (half-bright) mode
tput smul # Enable underline mode
tput rmul # Disable underline mode
tput rev # Turn on reverse video mode
tput smso # Enter standout (bold) mode
tput rmso # Exit standout mode
tput sgr 0 # Reset all attributes
Cursor movement commands
tput cup Y X # Move cursor to screen postion X,Y (top left is 0,0)
tput cuf N # Move N characters forward (right)
tput cub N # Move N characters back (left)
tput cuu N # Move N lines up
tput ll # Move to last line, first column (if no cup)
tput sc # Save the cursor position
tput rc # Restore the cursor position
tput lines # Output the number of lines of the terminal
tput cols # Output the number of columns of the terminal
Clear and insert commands
tput ech N # Erase N characters
tput clear # Clear screen and move the cursor to 0,0
tput el 1 # Clear to beginning of line
tput el # Clear to end of line
tput ed # Clear to end of screen
tput ich N # Insert N characters (moves rest of line forward!)
tput il N # Insert N lines
Other commands
tput bel # play a bell
With compiz wobbly windows, the bel command makes the terminal wobble for a second to draw the user's attention.

Example usage

echo "$(tput setaf 1)Red text $(tput setab 7)and white background$(tput sgr 0)"
Looks like this on my Ubuntu terminal:

Screenshot of colour terminal text

Use command sgr 0 to reset the colour at the end.

Performing multiple operations at once

tput accepts scripts containing one command per line, which are executed in order before tput exits.

Avoid temporary files by echoing a multiline string and piping it:

echo -e "setf 7\nsetb 1" | tput -S # set fg white and bg red