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Spending money wisely is a science... good luck is the additive ingredient

For me, spending money is a science. Sure, sometimes luck helps when buying a product or service but definitely for the most part of it, its a science. So you might be wondering what I'm talking about and basically these general rules or "science" is just how I do things, there's no necessary wrong or right and you might do things differently.

So let's say I need a website and I either have two options:
1. Buy a solution
2. Create a solution

Initially, it might be easy to throw some money at it to get a solution that works out of the box which is what you'd be paying for. But let's just say that solution is 5000 dollars U.S (of course this is just an arbitrary figure, I'm just giving example)


I could build the solution which would simply cost me some of my time (...some what FREE). I'd probably choose building it because I'd get the added benefit of learning plus it would cost me a lot less to maintain hopefully in the long run and I own it.

So this is kind of how I think about open source technology because when something is free, you can't blame it really. Your Return On Investment is instant. You don't have to hope and pray that your solution will work and whether it works or fails, it matters very little because you don't waste money. So think of this on the business aspect, does it apply? Of course it does.... Make it Agile and then it's even better!

So why can't people see this? Well that's another topic I'll write on.... "People that over-think processes"