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Possible priorities to solve health issues

1. Reduce / remove acid reflux (Possibly Probiotics and Yogurt (Yogurt is okay but it will take much more... while you can overdose on probiotics which could cause over active immune response), reduction of oily foods, reduction of pepper, reduction of MSG)
2. Reduce over indulgence of sugar. Look at food that keeps sugar at bay (perhaps cabbages? - Eating Subway related diet will help with sugar and colesterol)
3. Solve sinusitis and reoccurant lung infections (reduce sugar, reduce dust, reduce allergens from air like dust, concrete, sand etc, reduce food allergens like fish, green peppers, sulphur if you are allergic to them)
4. Possibly Vitamin B, Selenium and there's one more I can't remember. Vitamin B12 in particular seems to increase immune function but remember also that if the immune system is defective, high immunity can also cause unwanted inflammation if the immune system isn't doing it properly.
5. Exercise but this is dependent on overall health as well. If exercise is making you sick, half it and keep halfing it until you feel ok. Then gradually increase as health increases (this is based on logic).
6. Reduce weight to good level to reduce stress on body especially during sleep apnea + reducing acid reflux (a prime cause of infection issues according to research) + reducing colesterol in many cases