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OS Support for Android products vs Apple products

Depending on the brand of your android product, you may be in for a world of disappointment. While I am not extremely knowledgable about Apple products I believe there might be similarities. Generally, you buy the new brand spanking hot of the market device with OS version 1.0 (just an example) only to find that the year later, there's a new product under the brand and now the OS is version 2.0... and you have to buy the new device to get the new OS.

This is currently my problem with Android... well its not really Android but the manufacturers but shouldn't Google do something about this? Like perhaps stipulate that the Android versions should be upgraded for the next X years (2 years or maybe 3 years) before it becomes obsolete???

I'm just thinking that to the consumer, its a fairly raw deal... and its somewhat wasteful from a technology standpoint because most devices can handle os upgrades for at least 2-3 years without dropping in performance...

It's just a thought, you don't have to agree with me on this one