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No longer supporting Kloxo

As many of you may know, I was using an open source control panel called Kloxo to host my previous versions of the website. However, I have switched control panels recently and thus most of the old posts I've made with regard to Kloxo fixes have been deleted as I created a new database for the new site. One of the reasons for not using Kloxo any longer was the lack of support for the latest CENTOS, which is currently 6.x as I write today. In addition, the control panel is extremely bulky and while the code is in PHP, it was very hard to customize to what I wanted. Even the template system in my opinion was very difficult to work with. The other issues were of course, the fear of its security level and the lack of API documentation and support for automation of the control panel. With that being said, I would still like to thank the Kloxo community for its invaluable support and for building a system that is free to use. I do hope that the above issues mentioned will be addressed in the future. Until then, the switch is permanent for the time being.