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Juniper vs Checkpoint Vs Fortigate

For the techies at heart, found a nice comparison table which seems to be recently added (2013) of some popular hardware firewalls

It seems the fortigate is in a different league altogether so aside from that device, I'm wondering which one really is better between the Juniper and the Checkpoint. In terms of ease of set up, I'd assume is the Juniper because it has a built in GUI to manage it but as you can see, it can handle only about half the amount of sessions as a checkpoint. I don't want to talk at the top of my head but I think for me, I'd make an intelligent guess that the checkpoint would be more valuable in the long run against concurrent attacks if it can handle twice the amount of sessions than the Juniper. On the downside, it doesn't come with a built in GUI so it means you'll have to use an external app. In any event, this can also be seen as an upside since it might be less likely to be attacked via the GUI and/or be less vulnerable to 0-day exploits.