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Freepbx Paging/Intercom tweaking for devices that cannot autoanswer / conference

Right, so the title is really complicated so I need to explain what I am trying to do here. Essentially, I had some extensions that I wanted in an "Intercom mode" (kind of like a conference), except I wanted to be able to dial a number and it would do automatic calling to all the other extensions and hope that they have autoanswer enabled. Well, generally speaking, the devices I am using (which are soft phones) don't seem to have autoanswer so the Paging and Intercom settings in FreePBX basically times out the call to each device after 5 seconds which is way too short for you to manually answer it. So.... I did some ..... tweaking and thought this would be useful for those of you having this strangely unique issue.

Time to get to the linux console
Go to /var/www/html/admin/modules/paging

Edit the
I use nano to do this: nano

Look for and change the value to something higher. I used 20 (its in seconds apparently)



Now go to the Paging and Intercom Freepbx webpage, create a new group and associate the extensions you want to intercom to. I use duplex because I want it to be like an emergency conference.

Save, apply

and now test it out! ;]

Good luck!