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Digicel IMAX - Simply Amazing!

I've been an avid customer of Movietowne for quite some time and thought that it was the best place to spend time with my loved ones. Well, today, I've experienced the acclaimed Digicel IMAX experience and I have to say, I'm a believer. Other than the food variety which was limited, the Digicel IMAX theatre literally took my breath away when I looked at both the 2D (Hunger Games) and 3D movies (Thor 2). You might be wondering what the difference is? Well, trust me, firstly the quality is about 5 times cleaner than Movietowne's and the sound is a lot richer. Of course, you pay more for that quality and that's the catch! The screen is much larger than the largest Movietowne's screen from what I gathered and spanned the whole front of the theatre from left to right and to the top up to the ceiling - it's literally THAT BIG! The popcorn was less buttery than Movietowne but in my honest opinion, it was very tasty and had enough salt... it didn't leave me upset at the end.

If you get a chance, I definitely recommend it but I wish they could just keep the prices on par with Movietowne and they'd be my #1 destination!