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5 hours of downtime (ouch!)

I've experienced about 5 hours of downtime and already posted a support ticket to my server provider. From what I gather, they've been updating their servers due to a zero-day exploit that was recently discovered in RHEL which probably streamed down to CENTOS. I ended up having to boot my server back after noticing it was down. Unfortunately, I was AFK (away from keyboard) for most of the day today so I didn't even know it was down. Good news is that I don't have any customers so the only loss was maybe the search engines updating from fresh data on the website. I'm still rebuilding the journal and haven't got around to rebuilding productions and probably won't do that until after June 30th.

Still, I'm sorry for the downtime, when I expand the rCloud, these things will be a thing of the past. I haven't really been focusing on rCloud development due to time constraints (from the more recent tasks ahead). Once I complete these tasks, I'll attempt to devote myself to rCloud and high availability again. Particularly database clustering.