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4G Internet Regression?

Sorry but are we regressing in technology? Why would I want a 4G limited internet plan for my phone? So I could give money to money hungry cellular phone companies? I don't know about you but I am not stupid enough to do that. Since Digicel Customer Care did not contact me back within my 24 hours request I want to urge everyone to stay away from these 4G packages that are not unlimited (in other words, stay away from this limit package). It is not of true value to you nor in your best interest to pay for a limited amount of internet... this will only cause YOU to lose more money than you should. My best suggestion is always go with an unlimited internet plan especially when you are doing anything with multimedia or social media such as youtube, facebook etc. Do not succumb and encourage companies to ride your backs.

Did you know that Digicel Trinidad and Tobago does not support Blackberry Internet Service to be tethered to your laptop? What sort of company that wants to revolutionize cell phone services in Trinidad and Tobago would not be competent enough to offer this service? Maybe perhaps they are interested in selling you their limited 4G packages so that they can suck you dry of your money while they become corporate giants. Think about it, either way, it isn't good for you.

I know that even after I say all this, some of you will still encourage this but I have to try. It's purely ridiculous, illogical and down right a lack of intelligence. We need to get out of this 3rd world mentality.
There should be one package that just works, you should not have to order 3 packages just to get internet for the month. This makes sense only to the corporate giants at YOUR EXPENSE.